Carport Roofing Options Explained

Carport Roofing Options

Learn About Roof Options For Carports

Carport Roofing

A carport addresses the basics of what a garage provides, protection from the weather. A carport is an open structure, meaning that it provides a roof and sometimes protection on the side, but is mostly open. While it is open on some sides, a carport does protect against wind, hail, sun, debris, and others external forces.

Carports are often much cheaper than garages while serving some of the same functions. In conjunction with low prices, financing options are often available to interested consumers. If money is a major element in making a decision, then a carport is the more economical choice. Carports also give more flexibility regarding placement. Carports are built to stand alone or be connected to your house. Such flexibility presents options in placing the carport in the front or side of the house.

Custom Built Carports versus DIY Carport Kits

Hiring professional carport builders is effective because they are experienced in the process so that the project will be done correctly and quickly. The cost for this service is well worth the time and effort you will need to put in yourself. Most installers also offer consumers a guarantee of their labor which means, should anything go wrong with the integrity of the shelter, they will return and fix the problem.┬áMichael Thomas from Pro Carports Brisbane explained that “building a custom designed carport gives you the freedon to design to anyway you require. It can match the design of your house and really enhance the easthic of the property.

However, one can save money by opting to build a carport yourself. When building It is important not to skip steps or make adjustments to the original plan along the way. Each manufacturer, of any outdoor shelter, must adhere to certain building codes and guidelines which are important to its overall integrity. Ensure the carport is sturdy, durable, and able to withstand exposure to all kinds of elements.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond Roofing is a premium roofing material made from Colorbond steel. Colorbond is a registered trademark of Blue Scope Steel. It is durable, versatile as it can be shaped in multiple ways depending on the roofing design. Colorbond Roofing comes in a variety of colors, so you do not need to paint your roof to attain the color you desire.


  • A range of colors, shapes, and grades available
  • It provides a fresh new look to your home
  • Installation is easy, resulting in the installation being faster to cover your building and a shorter construction period.


  • Price
  • Color bond roofing are extremely expensive compared to other roofings


Zincalume Roofing

Zincalume roofing is a combination of zinc and aluminum making a very durable metal. The roofings is environmentally friendly and does not need to be often replaced. This enables the consumer to save.


  • High quality

Zincalume is made up of quality materials that are corrosion resistance and can withstand different climatic conditions.

  • Longer span

Since it is a blend of zinc and aluminum, the roof has a longer life span.


  • Cost effective

Zincalume delivers a long-lasting performance at a very competitive price.


  • The roof dulls after sometimes
  • It is not very fashionable to complement a home.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is especially lightweight and stable, and because it does not require the reinforcement that other, heavier metals need it is very easy and quick to install. It is a very malleable metal and can be formed into almost any shape you desire for your home.


  • Lightweight

Fragile buildings cannot always take the strain of heavier roof tiles, which makes the lightweight option of an aluminum roof one of the few options that will work.

  • Low maintenance

The last thing you want is post roofing replacement is being forced to maintain regularly. Unlike thatched or tiled roofs, roofing will – at most – require the occasional lick of varnish to maintain its appearance.

  • Environmentally friendly

As we all become a lot more conscious of the damage we are doing to our home planet, we look for more eco-friendly ways of tacking everyday jobs. Using a metal replacement for your current roof will mean that you are using a 100%-recyclable roof that will never contribute to landfill sites.


  • Replacement

Although damage to a roof is unlikely (due to its increased durability), it is much easier to replace a broken roof tile than to fix damage to a full roof.

  • Cost

The cost of a metal roof can be a major factor for some people. However you must consider the low maintenance costs, the reduced insurance premiums that you will encounter and the potential increase in house value.

  • Weather conditions

It is unwise to ever walk on a metal if there is the possibility of water on it usually due to rain and heavy storms of hailstones can potentially dent the metal.

Tiled Roofs

Tile roofing is popular for its high-quality, timeless looks and integral energy efficiency features. It is beautiful, durable and affordable in nature. Experienced roofers offer their roofing services and extensive experience of installing, maintaining, and repairing concrete roof tiles and clay roof tiles. They can also flawlessly install and maintain the following superior quality tile roofing products.


  • Colours and Shapes

It comes in variety of colors, styles, formats and shapes to fulfill the growing needs of the homeowners. Concrete roofing tiles come in many styles and forms. Tile roofing can come in the form of shake, shingle, and traditional Spanish or Mediterranean styles. They can be hand crafted artistically as per the specifications.


  • Durability

Tile roofs are tough enough to handle the toughest natural conditions. It can withstand rain, snow, powerful wind, and hail. Properly installed tile roofs are in great demand because of its robust and versatile features. It is maintenance free and can give years of performance throughout the years.


  • Tiles roofing need support beams
  • They are expensive
  • They are delicate
  • They are heavy


Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate is a lightweight but durable plastic roof. It is nearly unbreakable and in some instances bullet-proof which can withstand any weather from tropical to frigid conditions.


  • Easy installation

Polycarbonate roofs are easy-to-install. These are lighter in weight than conventional roofs. So, the walls don’t get huge pressure. These can be lifted and moved easily during installation. Cutting and drilling the panels is very simple. These are in the form of big sheets and take less time to get installed.


  • Durable and tough

Polycarbonate roofs are twenty times stronger than ordinary fiberglass panels. These can easily withstand intense weather changes. These are highly impact-resistant, and restore their condition for a longer time.


  • Cost-effective

This is another factor which makes polycarbonate roofing popular. These are economical and less expensive than conventional roofs. Their cost is lower than other types. You can save additional cost during install.



  • They are expansive
  • They are prone to marring and scratches
  • They are sensitive to abrasive cleaners
  • They require a lot of maintenance.


Which is best?

Best Carport Roofing

The best carport roofing is the aluminum because it is Easy to install, its roofs are a lot easier to install than roof tiles so that anybody that doesn’t mind heights can fit the roof securely and safely. It is also Durability, although, they are lightweight roofs are often a lot more durable than their stone or ceramic counterparts. The metal will not crack or rot, burn or break. Being resistant to freezing is also a very desirable feature for certain parts of the world.



When shopping for carports always insist on what you want for example, if you want it assembled for you, attached or stand alone, or in different styles and fittings. Often carports come as a collection of parts with no instructions so make sure to ask about this from your dealer before purchase. And finally, always be sure you have the room and permits to put a carport on your property.